PACE is a non-profit organization with 501( c )3 status. That means donations are fully tax-deductible.


Every dollar donated is an investment in the future. We know that the arts are vital to the health of our children as they grow and develop into innovative, intelligent, responsible adults who will make the world a better place to call home. The lessons they learn through their experiences with PACE are invaluable to who they will become.

We teach young people . . .

  • to take a project from the beginning to the end

  • to work with a wide range of people

  • to be responsible

  • to work under pressure

  • to think creatively and so much more!

So, how can you help?


Mailing Address:

511 E. Walnut St. #1325

Columbia, MO 65205

Studio Address:

1313 Grand Ave Suite B

Columbia, MO 65203

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